Venice Museum

A visit to the Venice Museum

If you are lucky to spend a few days in Venice Florida, be sure to take a visit to the Venice Museum & Archives.

About the Venice Museum

It is located in the historic 1927 Triangle Inn building on 351 Nassau Street South in Venice, just east of West Blalok Park and its beautiful arboretum. You will see a lot of historical and prehistorical material relating to the city of Venice and its neighboring communities.

You will see a collection of more than 30.000 photographs, archives, objects, and publications pertaining to area history. The museum engages the public in local history through changing and permanent exhibits, tours of the Triangle Inn, special events, newsletters, social media, as well as onsite and offsite educational outreach programs to youth and adults. Additional services offered also include assisting the public with research requests and assisting with image request orders. The museum’s gift shop offers books, DVDs and other merchandise pertaining to local history available for purchase.

There is FREE ADMISSION Monday – Wednesday 10am-1pm.

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