Alafia River Statepark

Alafia River Statepark – A Trip to the “Mountains” of Florida

Alafia River Statepark

As it is well known, Florida is the flattest state in the USA, there are only a few mini hills in the Panhandle at the border to Alabama or within the Lakes Wales Ridge near Orlando.

Mountains in Florida – here they are

Visitors are all the more surprised when they enter Alafia River State Park. This park was once a phosphate mine and is now a mecca for mountain bikers. It offers maybe the steepest grades you can find in Florida. There are several trails divided into 5 levels of difficulty.

But you can also experience the charm of the “Mountains” by foot on nearly 20 miles of Hiking Trails – fun for the whole family.

The gorgeous vegetation and an abundant wildlife make the photographer’s heart beat faster.


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Alafia River State, 14326 South County Rd 39 Lithia, Fl 33547 – accessible via I-75 and FL-674E in less than 1.5 hours from Venice