Caspersen Beach - Villa Happy Gator

Best Beaches of SW Florida: Caspersen Beach Venice

Caspersen Beach is a beautiful, long sandy beach that has been left virtually untouched, in its natural state and somewhat secluded. With about 4 miles the longest beach in Sarasota County, it is the perfect place to enjoy unspoiled beauty far away from the crowds. Together with our South Venice Private Beach, Caspersen Beach is the number one spot to find the famous fossil shark teeth.

There is a nice short nature trail through a coastal hammock. The southern two thirds of beachfront were left in its natural state and offer a more secluded experience. A dune restoration system with walkovers helps preserve the shoreline. Other habitats here include freshwater and saltwater marshes, mangroves and tidal flats.

You will also find a 10 station outdoor fitness center, a couple of pavilions and a covered playground area for the kids. Restroom facilities have been updated and are modern and clean. As always on Sarasota County Beaches, parking is free.

How about spending a whole day with the family?

Caspersen Beach is a short 15 min drive away from our Villa Happy Gator.

Caspersen Beach
4100 Harbor Drive
Venice, FL 34285