Sarasota Bay – A Safe Haven from a Hurricane in Florida?

Hurricane in Florida

Is the Sarasota Bay area …blessed? Depending on who you talk to, the answer is yes. There are various Sarasota Indian myths that the lands were blessed by Native Americans to be protected against hurricanes.

Indian Legends

Some hold the belief that Sarasota is protected from hurricanes because the Native Americans who first settled there knew that it was safe from the elements.

Others believe that they blessed the lands to stay eternally safe from destructive storms and hurricanes. Still others think that it’s an ancient Indian burial ground on the lands of Sarasota that keeps it protected.

There is not much known about those ancient ones, who were not Tocobaga, the people of Tampa Bay, nor Calusa, people centered by Charlotte Harbor. Isn’t it tempting to believe in those fascinating myths?

Hurricane in Florida

Facts about a hurricane in Florida

Fact is: Sarasota Bay has not been a bull’s-eye for a major hurricane in Florida since reliable records began in 1871.


Science explains this luck with geography. The typical tracks are moving on a “hurricane highway” through the Bahamas and the Yucatan Channel. Then hurricanes curve towards the northeast. Cuba with its mountains is a major inhibitor of tropical systems. Heading to Sarasota would require an unlikely sharp curve into eastern direction, what would also significantly weaken any storm. Same is with the often seen scenario of landfall on the east coast of Florida, preventing Sarasota Bay from getting the worst of it.

Enjoy your vacation

So whether you choose to believe the legends or not, always be sensible and keep an eye on what’s going on – and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Sarasota Bay area from Venice to Bradenton.

By the way: Towns and cities in Florida are well prepared for severe weather conditions and will always inform the public if there is any action recommended. You have rented a vacation home? Ask your landlord if you have any questions.

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