Typical for Florida

Typical for Florida – What you may hear only in Florida

What is typical for Florida? Each region has its own charm. Florida as a part of the South has many special features. Here is a collection of 10 terms that you may hear in Florida often:

1. “Literally”

“I’m literally sick of this humidity” is just one example of literally being used literally in every possible way. The phrase “like”, that is used so much elsewhere, is not so common here and has been “literally” replaced by the new “literally”. Pay attention! 😉

2. “It will pass”

This sentence refers to the rain showers, which can occur again and again in the summer months throughout the day. In Florida, the possibility of rain is always included when schedules are created. Doubts are suppressed with “It will pass”. It can rain in the garden while it is sunny and clear in front of the house. So do not cancel any plans just because there’s a dark cloud in the distance!

By the way: This is a great site for weather info: accuweather.com

3. “West Coast”

When you hear Floridians talking about the “West Coast,” they probably do not talk about California, but rather the Gulf Coast of Florida. This is common among locals, but it can easily be misunderstood by visitors. Also with “Venice Beach”, they mean of course not “Venice Beach” near Los Angeles, but our beautiful beach in Venice, Florida.

4. “Bobo”

“Bobo” is not a bird. In Florida, the word “Bobo” is often used to describe something that is either below average or mediocre. For example: “This place is Bobo.”

5. “Is it snowing?”

Many Floridians have never seen snow in their lives. Of course, if you are visiting a state north of Florida, you are naturally very interested in experiencing this natural phenomenon live. Even today, the cold winter of 1977 is a topic of conversation in which “Snow in Central Florida” made headlines.

6. “Where are my Uggs?”

When temperatures drop below 60 degrees, Floridians get out Ugg boots and winter jackets. They are also sometimes worn with shorts and T-shirts – visitors may be amused when noting this. 😉

7. “Pub-subs”

Publix is simply THE supermarket in Florida and known across the country for its chicken subs. “Pub subs,” as Floridians call them, are cooked to order at Publix-Deli. A successful trip usually does not start until everyone has picked up their pub subs – typical for Florida.

For info: “Sub” is the abbreviation of “Submarine Sandwich” and means a long, roll-shaped sandwich, which is longitudinally cut open and filled, usually with meat, vegetables, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, etc.

8. “I’ve never parked in parallel”

This sentence is more likely to be heard outside Florida, when Floridians are supposed to park longitudinally in another state.

You do not need parallel parking in Florida, because almost everywhere there are driveways and large parking lots. Moreover, it is also not part of the driver’s license test.

9, “Is that a roach or a palmetto?”

Palmetto bugs or American cockroaches can be found anywhere in Florida. In contrast to the more common German Cockroaches, which are smaller and more likely to be found in damp corners of the kitchen and bathrooms, Palmetto bugs can grow up to 2 inches (5 cm). They prefer to live outside, in mulch beds, drains or crawl spaces – and hide in the trunk area of palmetto palms.

Why is it good to know who you are facing? Palmetto bugs can fly!

10. “Yeah, no” and “No, yeah”

It is very helpful to know the difference between the two phrases. “Yeah, no” means “no” and “No, yeah” means “yes”. So ignore the starting “Yeah” and pay attention to the second word.


So enjoy, what is typical for Florida and have a great time!