National Taco Day


You love tacos? Then October 4th is your day, because it’s National Taco Day!

History and origin

The history of tacos dates back to the arrival of Europeans in Mexico. The indigenous people in the Lakes region of the Valley of Mexico traditionally ate tacos, which they filled with small fish. Already in the days of the Spanish conquistadors there was the first taco festival: Hernán Cortés, the famous conquistador, arranged this for his captains in Coyoacan.

Why the Spaniards called this local food “taco” is not exactly known. The Spanish word actually means “cone” or “peg”.

Difference between taco and tortilla

Do you know the difference between a taco and a tortilla? The tortilla is a Mexican flatbread, which is served as a side dish, e.g. to Chili con Carne, but is also used as a basis for tacos.

A taco is a tortilla stuffed with different ingredients. Popular fillings are ground beef, salad, onions, tomatoes and cheese. You can choose between corn and wheat tortillas. The original corn tortillas are crispy fried, while the wheat tortillas are soft.

What is your favorite?


If you want to celebrate National Taco Day, here are two delicious recipe suggestions:

Taco Pizza 

Veggie Tacos 


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National Taco Day