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National Avocado Day
On July 31st, we celebrate avocados in the USA! Did you know that avocados have been collected and consumed by
Englewood Beach – locals call it also Middle Beach - is located in Chadwick Park and is a popular beach
Wordl Chocolate Day
Today, July 7, is "World Chocolate Day"! We love chocolate in all sorts and variations: as a bar, in ice
Challenger Park in Venice
How about playing and romping around with the kids or enjoying a game of beach volleyball - this is easy
Alligators and Crocodiles
Florida and the Alligators - or are they Crocodiles? Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between alligators
National Doughnut Day
Do you like doughnuts? I do! These delicious treats have conquered the world. How wonderful that there is even a
Beach Bars in Venice
Beach Bars - Tiki Bars - Grills - This is Florida! Figure yourself sitting together with friends and family, having
Kids in Venice
10 Things to do with Kids in Venice Florida Venice, the City on the Gulf, is the perfect place for
running in Venice Florida
Vacation in Venice Florida - Pack Your Running Shoes! The wonderful climate of Florida offers year round running experience. A
Caspersen Beach Venice
Taking pictures is a wonderful way to make memories alive. We love to remember happy moments with family and friends,