Mosquitoes in Florida

Mosquitoes in Florida

Florida and mosquitos

Mosquitoes in Florida: Every Florida visitor knows them: Mosquitos and No-see-ums.

Mosquitoes in Florida


Insects and vermin feel particularly comfortable in tropical climates, so Florida with sometimes high humidity and heavy downpours is a real paradise for them. It depends on the season, the current weather and the area whether you encounter the blood-hungry mosquitos and no-see-ums. In the Everglades, the chance is certainly much higher than when strolling around the city or on the beach.

Not everybody gets a bite

In addition, some are more popular as victims and can hardly save themselves from stings, while others – even within the same family – are spared. This may be due to blood type, personal smell mix or diet.

What helps?

If you are looking for recommendations on how to protect yourself from getting bitten, repellents such as “Off” or “Deet” are often mentioned. They are effective and widely used. However, the active ingredients of most common used repellents are not harmless and you may be looking for natural and safe alternatives.

Mosquitoes in Florida

Natural alternative

Without a doubt I can recommend a mixture that I found on the Internet. We tested them several times while hiking through nature reserves, both in Florida and in Germany. It’s easy to mix. Just change the ratio to your needed amount and put it into a spray bottle.


16 oz witch hazel

16 oz Listerine Original

1/3 ounce tea tree oil

Mosquitoes in Florida

Itching treatment

You have been bitten and it itches very badly? You are looking for help? For this purpose try “bite-away”! The itching disappears within seconds, without any chemicals. I bought mine on amazon.