Mosquitoes in Florida

Mosquitoes in Florida

Florida and mosquitos

Mosquitoes in Florida: Every Florida visitor knows them: Mosquitos and No-see-ums.

Mosquitoes in Florida


Insects and vermin feel particularly comfortable in tropical climates, so Florida with sometimes high humidity and heavy downpours is a real paradise for them. It depends on the season, the current weather and the area whether you encounter the blood-hungry mosquitos and no-see-ums. In the Everglades, the chance is certainly much higher than when strolling around the city or on the beach.

Not everybody gets a bite

In addition, some are more popular as victims and can hardly save themselves from stings, while others – even within the same family – are spared. This may be due to blood type, personal smell mix or diet.

What helps?

If you are looking for recommendations on how to protect yourself from getting bitten, repellents such as “Off” or “Deet” are often mentioned. They are effective and widely used. However, the active ingredients of most common used repellents are not harmless and you may be looking for natural and safe alternatives.

Mosquitoes in Florida

Natural alternative

Without a doubt I can recommend a mixture that I found on the Internet. We tested them several times while hiking through nature reserves, both in Florida and in Germany. It’s easy to mix. Just change the ratio to your needed amount and put it into a spray bottle.


16 oz witch hazel

16 oz Listerine Original

1/3 ounce tea tree oil

Mosquitoes in Florida

Itching treatment

You have been bitten and it itches very badly? You are looking for help? For this purpose try “bite-away”! The itching disappears within seconds, without any chemicals. I bought mine on amazon.

National Avocado Day – July 31

National Avocado Day

On July 31st, we celebrate avocados in the USA!

Did you know that avocados have been collected and consumed by humans for at least 10,000 years? Archaeologists found evidence in Central Mexico. About 3000 BC, avocados were cultivated by Central American peoples such as the Inca and Maya.

The name avocado – also called “alligator pear” in the Caribbean – was first mentioned by the Irish scientist and botanist Hans Sloane, who depicted it in his catalog of plants native to Jamaica.

In 1833, the first avocado trees were planted in Florida. However, it took until the 1950s, until they entered the grocery stores.

Today, avocados are popular worldwide. The creamy, vitamin-rich interior is extremely tasteful and perfect for salads or the famous Mexican guacamole. The beauty industry loves the skin friendly ingredients.

So let’s celebrate – maybe with a homemade guacamole?

Here is one of my favorite recipes


  • 2 avocados
  • 1 lime
  • 1 onion small
  • 1 chili peppers e.g. pickled jalapeno or fresh green ones
  • 1 tomato
  • salt according taste


  • Peel the avocados and mash them in a bowl with a fork. Add the juice of a lime.
  • Cut the onion, chili and tomato into very small cubes. For tomatoes, it is best to leave out the seeds.
  • Stir the cubes into the avocado cream, season with salt and serve soon.


National Avocado Day


By the way – If you would like to celebrate National Avocado Day away from home, you can use the Chipotle offer: On July 31, there will be a free portion of guacamole for every regular entree. You have to pre-order with the Chipotle App or online here on the Chipotle page.

Chipotle in Venice is located Bird Bay Plaza, 519 U.S. 41 Bypass, Venice, FL 34285.

Best Beaches of SW Florida: Englewood Beach

Best Beaches of SW Florida: Englewood Beach

Englewood Beach – locals call it also Middle Beach – is located in Chadwick Park and is a popular beach with beautiful white sand.

How to get there – Scenic Canopy Drive

From Englewood, take the Beach Road to Manasota Key. If you cross the bridge,be sure to stop and have a look! Very often you will enoy watching some Manatees and dolphins.

Alternatively choose the Manasota beach Road in South Venice and take the famous Canopy Drive on Manasota Key Road. You will love driving under the crowns of those old beautiful trees.


At Englewood Beach there are basketball courts, a beach volleyball court, shelters with picnic tables and barbecues, a nice playground and well kept sanitary facilities.

Larger pavilions are often rented for family gatherings. There is ample parking for which a small parking fee is due.

For more info go to

Alligator vs Crocodile – What is the Difference?

Alligators and Crocodiles

Florida and the Alligators – or are they Crocodiles?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between alligators and crocodiles? Don’t they look alike? Well, they may look similar, but there are some differences.

Read more about those fascinating reptiles you can meet in the wild here:


How about a Venice Culinary Tour?

Venice Culinary Tour


Take your taste buds on a culinary adventure in beautiful Venice!

You are on vacation in Venice and would love to learn more about this city so rich in architecture and history? Even Thomas Edison enjoyed the early social life on his frequent visits to Venice.

Do you know how the intracoastals were dredged? Wouldn’t it be great to hear about Megalodons, that swam in local waters over 2 million years ago? Ponce de Leon, the famous Spanish conquistador, is said to have died nearby.

And wouldn’t it be absolute fantastic to combine all this interesting stuff with delectable food?

Book a Key Culinary Tour through Venice! Their experienced food tour guides are chosen for their knowledge of the area as well as their love of food and all things culinary. They provide an entertaining and memorable event, and of course, the cuisine samplings will delight and excite you!

To book your ultimate culinary experience and for more info, please visit the website



Venice Culinary Tour

Venice Culinary Tour

Where to Eat in Venice: “Made in Italy” – Restaurant & Martini Bar

Made in Italy Venice FL

Are you a lover of the authentic Italian cuisine? “Made in Italy” is the right place for you!

This  little Italian restaurant & martini bar is only serving the freshest ingredients. Guests enjoy homemade pastas & bread, wood burning pizza oven & delicious handcrafted cocktails.

The magnificent food and the excellent service truly deserve a 5 star rating. Be sure to reserve a table as “Made in Italy” is very popular. For a view of their menu go to their website

Made in Italy is located on 117 W Venice Ave Venice, Florida.


Made in Italy Venice FL

Best Beaches of SW Florida: Blind Pass Park Englewood

Blind Pass Englewood

Blind Pass Beach, also known as Middle Beach, is a real local secret and absolutely worth a visit. The natural beach is situated between Manasota Beach and Stump Pass Beach and offers almost 3000 feet of beautiful sandy coastline with lots of shells, the water is clear and emerald tinted. With some luck, you will find a sand dollar or a few of the famous fossil shark teeth.

Across the street on the bay side, a nice little nature trail is meandering through the mangrove forest.

There are clean restrooms with outside showers, a pavilion, picnic tables, a playground, boat ramps and a canoe launch. As with each Park in Sarasota County, parking is free!

Blind Pass Park is only a short 15 minutes drive away from our Villa Happy Gator.

More info at Sarasota County Website.

Blind Pass Park Englewood

Book Your Vacation in Venice Florida – Enjoy “Garden of Wonders”

Venice Arts Festival

Venice Florida is the perfect location for a perfect holiday: Miles of pristine beaches, close to shopping and nature parks and cozy cafés, bars and restaurants.

How about planning a stay in November and visit the Venice Chalk Festival November 9-12 with its motto “Garden of Wonders”? From start to finish, you can witness the largest gathering of renowned pavement artists perform using the road surface as a canvas to develop oversized masterpieces in chalk. (

For your stay we recommend our Villa Happy Gator, a 5 star rated vacation home with gorgeous pool area and close to the beach, shopping and nature parks. Contact us and book your favorite time now! Still several openings in 2018.

Birgit, owner Villa Happy Gator in Venice Florida